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PicTar is an algorithm for the identification of microRNA targets. This searchable website provides details (3' UTR alignments with predicted sites, links to various public databases etc) regarding:

(1) microRNA target predictions in vertebrates (Krek et al, Nature Genetics 37:495-500 (2005))
(2) microRNA target predictions in seven Drosophila species (Grün et al, PLoS Comp. Biol. 1:e13 (2005))
(3) microRNA targets in three nematode species (Lall et al, Current Biology 16, 1-12 (2006))
(4) human microRNA targets that are not conserved but co-expressed (i.e. the microRNA and mRNA are expressed in the same tissue) (Chen and Rajewsky, Nat Genet 38, 1452-1456 (2006)) co-expressed targets

New: co-expressed human microRNA target predictions are now available

New: PicTar miRNA target site predictions for the human (hg17), mouse (mm7), D. melanogaster (dm2) and C. elegans (ce2) genomes can be obtained from the UCSC Genome browser via the 'tables' feature. Thanks to the UCSC database team, especially to Hiram Clawson.
Updated predictions for human (hg18), mouse (mm9) and C. elegans (ce6) are available on our own UCSC mirror at http://dorina.mdc-berlin.de . For your convenience, doRiNA offers a link for downloading PicTar target site predictions: simply run a doRiNA query for all miRNA targets, setting the search options to 100% under step 3, and follow the link on the top of the results page.


PicTar is a project of the Rajewsky lab at NYU's Center for Comparative Functional Genomics and the Max Delbruck Centrum, Berlin

This website is constructed by Yi-Lu Wang.
For Questions, Comments, and Critique: Please email Nikolaus Rajewsky.
Last update: March 26, 2007.
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